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Personal Budgets

What is a Personal Budget?

Personal budgets are an allocation of funding given to an individual after an assessment, which should be sufficient to meet their assessed needs.

They have been introduced by the government to enable you to have more choice about the support you need as an individual to improve the quality of your life and live as independently as possible.

You can either have your personal budget as a cash payment to arrange your own services (known as a ‘direct payment’) and will be paid into a nominated bank account every four weeks.


You can ask your social worker to arrange services on your behalf using the money allocated to you from your personal budget. This means that they will manage the budget for you.


You can ask your social worker to arrange some of your services and have a direct payment to arrange some of your own services. For example, you may enjoy going to a day centre but also want to employ a personal assistant to help you to get up later in the morning, or go out in the evening.

What is a Direct Payment?

Direct Payments are cash payments given to an individual in lieu of community care services they have been assessed as needing and are intended to give individuals greater choice in their care.

The payment must be sufficient to enable the individual to purchase services to meet their needs, and must be spent on services that they need.

They give responsibilities to recipients to employ people or to commission services for themselves.

Some of these services can be contracted out and our support service exist to support individuals handle these responsibilities.

How do you get a Direct Payment?

If a person meets the eligibility criteria for accessing Community Care as a Personal Budget, they can ask to receive this via a Direct Payment.
A social worker or Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) would the work with the person to put together a support plan that meets that person’s eligible needs.

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