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Personal Health Budgets

A Personal Health Budget is a sum of money that is allocated to an individual to enable them to meet their assessed health and well-being needs, in a way that makes sense to them.  It is not additional or new money, but about enabling people to have more choice and flexibility with their budget.  It offers people the opportunity to take an active role in planning, directing and managing their health and well-being care needs, enabling individuals to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The CCIL Personal Health Budget Support Service currently offers the following to clients across Cheshire, Wirral and Warrington;

  • advice & information about PHB’s
  • support through the whole journey
  • signposting
  • supporting with long term and contingency planning, developing bespoke support packages, budgeting, writing support plans, sourcing support, employment options, gathering clinical evidence, completing paperwork
  • recruiting, interviewing and employing PA’s including arranging DBS Checks, training and inductions
  • sourcing agencies
  • Being a constant source of support and advice throughout the PHB process
  • attending health and/or social care reviews
  • requesting changes to the PHB
  • reviewing outcomes achieved by PHB

We also offer the following services for the health and social care professionals who work in the 6 CCG areas;

  • attending team/staff meetings
  • delivering presentations and training on PHB’s
  • supporting and delivering events on PHB’s
  • trouble shooting
  • policy development and general support to commissioners