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We’re Cheshire Centre For Independent Living.

An organisation run by disabled people, for disabled people. 

Our vision is an equal and inclusive society, and we aim to help achieve this by providing  a range of services to help you to live independently in the community, live inclusive family lives and promote your wellbeing. 

We are passionate about empowering disabled people to have independence, choice and control over their lives, and want to use our members and service users views to influence local, regional and national government about the changes we want to see for disabled people

The social model of disability

We use the social model of disability to underpin everything we do. 

The social model is the idea that people are disabled by a  society and  environment they live in, that doesn’t meet their needs, rather than their physical condition. 

We want a society where these barriers don’t exist, and where everybody has fair access to education, work and life  in a way that meets their needs.

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