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Independent Living Advice and Support Service

Supporting disabled people, older people and carers across Cheshire East to make informed decisions in order to direct their own care and manage their Personal Budgets

Since 1998, Cheshire Centre for Independent Living has been offering a Direct Payments support service to disabled people managing their own care who receive a Direct Payment as part of their Personal Budget from Social Services.

The Independent Living Advice and Support Service offers independent and impartial advice and information on all aspects of directing your own care to people 18 years or older living in Cheshire East and receive either a Personal Budget (Direct Payments) from Cheshire East Council or fund their own care.

What are Personal Budgets/Direct Payments?

Personal Budgets are a way in which you can receive your care from Social Services which help you to live independently within the community as detailed within your Support Plan.

By receiving a Personal Budget, you can have more choice and control over how and when your care is delivered and who helps you with your care.

Direct Payments are payments which are made by the Local Authority direct to people who decide to organise their own care.

What are Support Plans?

A Support Plan is a detailed plan that provides information about you as an individual and how you would like to use your Budget to support your assessed needs.

We will work with you and/or your family to complete your support plan and set up your support package, we provide as little or as much assistance as you choose.

You remain in control at all times!

How can we help you?

Our skilled and experienced Independent Living Advisors (ILA’s) have access to a wide and varied range of information and advice to support you in sourcing the care and support that best suits you and your needs.

Area’s of support include;

  • Provide ongoing technical advice and information on all aspects of directing your own care.
  • Assist you with completing a Person Centred support plan.
  • Support you to choose how to manage your budget.
  • Support you to recruit and employ your own Personal Assistants or arranging care via a care agency.
  • Support with employing staff legally and acting as a good employer.
  • Managing the paperwork.
  • Carrying out Police Checks (CRB/DBS checks) on your Personal Assistants.
  • Assist you to calculate how to spend your Personal Budget/Direct Payment and help you to allocate costs to ensure your needs are met.
  • Support with any employment law issues
  • Signpost to other relevant services (e.g. training and payroll services)
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