Cheshire, Warrington & Wirral Arrangement of Care and Support Service

Arrangement of Care Support Service

The arrangement of care and support service brings together the support for individuals in receipt of Social Care in Cheshire West & Chester and people in receipt of Health funding in Cheshire Warrington and Wirral.

The service focuses on personalising the way in which an individual receives care to meet their assessed needs.

The service provides ongoing technical advice and support for individuals in receipt of a personal budget (direct payments) from Social Care in Cheshire West & Chester or a personal budget from Health in Cheshire, Wirral and Warrington; supporting you to manage and direct your own health or social care at home.  This service is delivered with Age UK Cheshire and Warrington Disability Partnership.

What are Personal Budgets/Direct Payments?

Personal budgets are a way in which a person can receive their care from Social Services. People can then choose whether to have Social Services arrange their care or to arrange it themselves.

Direct Payments are cash payments made to people who have decided to organise their own care to meet their assessed social care needs.

What is a Personal Health Budget?

A personal health budget is a sum of money that is allocated to you to meet your assessed health and wellbeing needs.

The money is paid to you by the NHS.  It can enable you to have greater choice, control and flexibility over the care that you need.

Personal Budgets can help people live independently in their own home, within the community.

By receiving a Personal Budget, a person can have more choice and control on how their care is delivered, who helps them with their care, and when this is done.

Who can we support?

  • If you are a disabled person or carer directing your own care, funded by Social Services, via direct payments in Cheshire West & Chester.
  • If you are eligible for a direct payment from social services but funding this privately living in Cheshire West & Chester
  • If you receive healthcare funding for complex needs and live in Cheshire, Warrington or the Wirral.

What support can I access?

  • Provide ongoing technical advice and information on all aspects of directing your own care.
  • Assist you with completing a Person Centred support plan.
  • Support you to choose how to manage your budget.
  • Support you to recruit and employ your own Personal Assistants or arranging care via a care agency.
  • Support with employing staff legally and acting as a good employer.
  • Managing the paperwork.
  • Carrying out Police Checks (CRB/DBS checks) on your Personal Assistants.
  • Assist you to calculate how to spend your Personal Budget/Direct Payment and help you to allocate costs to ensure your needs are met.
  • Support with any employment law issues
  • Signpost to other relevant services (e.g. training and payroll services)

To speak to somebody about Arrangement of Care and Support please call our triage service on 03333660107

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