Supported Banking

CCIL offers a competitive Supported Banking Service for individuals who direct their own care, but have difficulty in opening and/or managing a bank account/or just do not want the added responsibility of managing the paperwork directly; whilst retaining all the control and choice of an individual directing their own care.

CCIL operate the bank account which can be used to pay staff on the employer’s behalf and/or pay invoices received from Care Agencies or anything else in line with the agreed support plan, as per client instructions.

CCIL maintains all the necessary paperwork and provides documentation for Local Authority audits, as required.

SBS is an administrative role, CCIL is not the employer of PA and it is the clients responsibility to ensure there are enough funds in the account.
Supported Banking Privacy Notice

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SBS Cheshire Client Agreement V8 Jan 2018

SBS PA Agreement V6 Jan 2018

SBS Bolton Client Agreement V8 Jan 2018

SBS Lancs Client Agreement V8 Jan 2018
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